Preserve That Perfect Paint Job

Preserve That Perfect Paint Job

Protect your vehicle in Walnut Creek, CA. Also servicing Dublin, CA and Livermore, CA

A car is one of the most expensive investments you’ll make, and you’re going to want to protect it. Many things you’d never see coming could happen down the road, which could damage the appearance of your vehicle and even depreciate its value. Genesis Auto Glass, Sunroofs & Upholstery can help you protect your investment with paint protection services. Keep your paint job safe from scratches and stains from animal droppings, insects and road debris. Shield your vehicle from whatever waits just around the corner.

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3 reasons to protect your paint

Interested in shielding your vehicle’s paint job from the elements and various road hazards? Here are three reasons to use our paint protection service:

1. Preserve the value of your car by protecting the paint job
2. Prevent fading, rust, corrosion, nicks and scratches
3. Make cleaning and maintaining your vehicle easier

Choose Genesis Auto Glass, Sunroofs & Upholstery today to preserve your vehicle with paint protection.

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